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Elite Hacking Simulation

vHackOS Mobile Hacking Game is a simulation game created by KF-Media Solutions. The hacking game is merely a simulation of real-life hacking done by professionals. It is a competitive, Multiple Massive Online Game involving becoming the best hacker in its fast-growing community.

Clarifications About Hacking

Hacking is the illegal access to a computer or network. The owner meanwhile is unable to detect the intrusion from outside sources. Hackers perform illegal activities such as altering system or security features of a computer, as well as acquire confidential data. Some of the known hacking techniques employed are Keyloggers, Packet sniffer, Password cracking, Rootkit, Spoofing attack, Trojan horse, Viruses and Vulnerability Scanner. There are also two types of hackers: white hat and black hat hackers. White hat hackers are ethical users that contribute to the development of security systems. They explore any weaknesses that can be fixed. On the other hand, black hat hackers are malicious users with ulterior motives who intend to steal data and destroy systems.

A Game About Hacking

 vHackOS Mobile Hacking Game allows beginners to experience the world of hacking in a more simplified manner. This MMO Hacking simulation game lets players discover how hacking works. They have to browse the virtual global network for a target of their choice. Once they have selected an opponent, they must gain access to their opponent’s virtual device and transfer virtual money to their own virtual account. Stealing money is part of the game mechanics because it allows the players to build their personal hacking tools, along with building a very impenetrable security against rival players. Everybody must remember that they are both the predator and prey as others will attempt to hack them. The simulation game includes a game community where players can share strategies to improve their gameplay.

Experiencing Hacking

vHackOS Mobile Hacking Game provides a simplified insight of the hacking industry. It doesn’t divulge into the technical aspect of hacking, instead it shows a broad interpretation so that beginners will grasp the basic idea of hacking.


  • Hacking Simulation Game
  • No hacking skills required
  • Easy to learn with tutorial
  • In-game community


  • Real world hacking is illegal
  • Takes time to earn virtual money
  • Too simplistic interpretation of hacking
  • Toxic community

Program available in other languages

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